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Our mission is to continue to believe that we can improve on what has been done. That it is possible through our sheer effort to transform the human space for a better life experience for our people.

Why the Nigeria Blue Economy?

One of the most fundamentally important questions to all discerning Nigerians should be – what can be done to ensure the quality of life for future generations will be better than the present?

Secondly, where would the Nigeria economy be if for over two decades now, there have been at least nine “Apapa” full capacity ports along the Nigeria
Atlantic Coast?

The Nigeria Blue Economy potentials and Benefits:

The Nigeria 850 km plus Atlantic coastline to a significant degree remain a wilderness waiting to be tamed and harnessed for all its bountiful natural resources for the benefit of the people;

  • At the moment there is a total neglect of the socio economic importance of the multiple water basins and inland waterways to the country’s sustainable development;
  • In recent past, particularly in the international news media, a lot has been reported about the level of criminality in the Gulf of Guinea due to the limited government security presence in the open ocean space thereby incubating banditry. A blue Economy initiative presents an opportunity of bringing that ecosystem under control

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The Blue Economy is conceived as a better use of the ocean resources for economic growth. In the case of Nigeria because of the many years of neglect and poor planning that has brought about the present state of economic crisis, the Nigerian Blue Economy offers the country a one off opportunity to sort out the most headline challenges like productivity, unemployment and transport infrastructure deficit.

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It’s important to understand that solution is only possible with human capacity development. Darkness is the absence of light – people are only conscious of their potential when they have the knowhow.

New Energy Initiatives

With a better appreciation of our environment, we can understand how a better use of resources can enhance a more sustainable use of our environment. New energy sources are therefore required..

Blue Economy

The Blue Economy is conceived as a better use of ocean resources for economic growth. In Nigeria’s case, because of the many years of neglect and poor planning that has brought about the present eco…

Women Empowerment

In the 21st century, women enjoy more freedom and power than ever before. However, they are still disadvantaged when compared to men in virtually all aspects of life. Women are deprived of equal…

Venture Capital

The Venture Capital Advocacy Summit as the name signifies is a specialist gathering structured to introduce the concept to the country as a solution to meeting the creativity/productivity gap that has… 

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The cycling event is a thrilling display of athleticism and determination, as cyclists from around the world gather to compete in a test of endurance and speed. The scenic route provides a picturesque backdrop for the intense competition

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